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Ippo is a perfect theme for creatives. Its minimal, clean design works wonders for any type of content, including interior design, lifestyle, fashion, and architecture. Lifestyle bloggers love the way Ippo puts their content front and center.

One Slider, Two Ways

Make an impact with a full-width slider that stretches to the edges of the screen — or use the contemporary carousel-style slider.



If you want the power of a headline, add text at the top of the blog page, where it will look clean and crisp.


Multiple Layouts

Choose from a three-column or four-column layout for your content. If you activate a sidebar, that counts as one of the columns.

Making a portfolio? Add projects and they’ll show up in tidy columns, too.


Two Menu Styles

For the menu, choose from two styles: a traditional horizontal menu, or a menu hidden behind an icon on the right. If your site relies heavily on navigation, select the traditional menu to show all links by default. For a cleaner layout, use the hidden menu.

You can fix the menu to the top of the page, so it “sticks” as your readers scroll down.


Beautiful in Portrait or Landscape

Ippo recognizes the orientation of your images. If it’s a portrait image, you’ll automatically get a post formatted perfectly for portrait dimensions. The same goes for landscape images.



Post Formats Done Right

Ippo supports essential post formats like links, quotes, galleries, images, and videos.


Responsive by Design

Thanks to Ippo’s responsiveness, your site adapts to look great on all devices, from small phones to huge screens.


Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. Page / Post content width: 740.
  2. Sidebar width: 250.
  3. Grid area width: 1420.
  4. Single column width (three columns grid): 396.
  5. Single column width (three columns grid with sidebar): 472.
  6. Single column width (four columns grid): 287.
  7. Single column width (four columns grid with sidebar): 293.
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