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Featured Images

Featured Image

You can add Featured Images to your posts, which will appear above the content on the blog index and archives.


To set a featured image, look for the Featured Image tab in the settings to the left of the text editor, and follow the steps there to upload and set your image.

Custom Menu

Custom Menu

You can configure a Custom Menu that will display in the header of your site. Go to My Site → Menus and to start setting up your custom menu.

If no custom menu is set, this theme will display a default menu of your published pages, in alphabetical order.

Custom Header

custom header

Inspiration Laboratory comes with twelve default header images. To change your current header, launch the Customizer and click on the Header Image tab on choose from the pre-installed header images included in this theme. Alternatively, you can upload your own custom header image, displayed behind your site title.

Custom Background

custom background color

You can add a background color or image to Inspiration Laboratory very easily. Launch the Customizer and click on the Colors & Background tab on the left. Next click on the swatch for the current background color, and choose a color from the swatches below, or use the color picker to select your own custom color.

You can also select a background image instead, by clicking on the Select Image button, and uploading your own background image file.

Post Formats

Image Post Format
An example of the “Image” post format

Inspiration Laboratory supports the Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery, and Audio Post Formats. Each supported Post Format has a special icon or style to distinguish it from the rest.


Adding widgets

Inspiration Laboratory supports two widget areas — one on each side of the content — that can be configured by launching the Customizer and click on the Widgets tab.

Full-Width Page Template

full width page template

In addition to a default page template with sidebars for your widgets,  Inspiration Laboratory also comes with a full-width page template to put the focus on your content, with no sidebars to help remove distractions and give you extra space to present your ideas.

Theme Options

You can display an optional character avatar in the secondary sidebar by launching Customizer and clicking on the Theme Options tab.


Choose your favorite from the figures above (Boy 1, Boy 2, Girl1, Girl 2) or remove the avatar entirely from the secondary sidebar by selecting “None.”