Gridiculous Proby c.bavota

The Customizer

All theme options for Gridiculous Pro are controlled under Appearance → Customize. From there, you can modify layout, background colorheader image, custom menus, and more.


Site Title & Logo

To add a logo, head to the Site Title section. Click the button that says No Image to activate the image uploader. Drag over your chosen image or select it through the file picker to upload it.


Head to the Layout section to choose from the layout options. Here you can set your sidebar layout and post-content display options.

To display two sidebars, first add a widget to the second sidebar under Appearance → Widgets. Once that’s done, the two-sidebar option will appear in the Layout section.

You can display your posts on the home/archive pages either with their full content or just a teaser excerpt by selecting one of the two options. If you select the teaser excerpt, then the featured image will be used as a thumbnail next to each post.

Teaser excerpt with thumbnail

Teaser excerpt with thumbnail


You can choose whether to show or hide each post’s categories, author, date, and comment count. Just check whichever ones you want to appear. This setting applies to posts with standard, video, audio, image, and gallery post formats.


To display an extended footer that will let you add more widgets, go to Appearance → Widgets and add at least one widget to the Extended Footer widget area.


You can include a copyright notice or banner ad in the footer by adding a text widget to the Footer Notice area on Appearance → Widgets.

Social Menu

To use the social menu, go to Appearance → Menus and create a new menu. Call it “Social” just to make it easy to remember. Use the Link panel on the left to add any of the following social sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Dribbble
  • Github
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Vimeo
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Bitbucket

Once you’ve added the social sites you want with a link to each profile – like – check the Social box at the bottom of the menu and click Save Menu.

Your social links will now be displayed in the site footer.


Full-Width Post/Page

To set a full-width post or page, meaning one without any sidebars, check the box in the Layout panel when you’re editing the post or page in the dashboard.


Custom Header Image

You have an option to display a custom header image on each of your posts and pages, through the Custom Header Image panel. Click Set Image to open the media library and select an image or upload a new one. Click Update or Save when you’re done.


If you don’t set a custom header on a page or post, your default header image will be displayed instead, if you selected one.

Pull Quotes

You can easily include a pull quote within your text by using the following code within the Text/HTML editor:

<blockquote class=”pullquote”>This is a pull quote that will appear within your text.</blockquote>

You can also align it to the right with this code:

<blockquote class=”pullquote alignright”>This is a pull quote that will appear within your text.</blockquote>