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Theme Customization

Goodz Magazine theme is a light, minimal theme, but it can also be customized from the Customizer. Here you can configure the Theme Options, and other settings.

goodz-sup-layoutLayout Settings

Goodz Magazine can display archives in full width or as a grid. To change the layout, go to Customizer → Theme Options → Layout Settings.

Set the Archive Pages Layout to display posts in a fixed- or full-width layout. The fixed-width layout will display posts in a 1240px-wide area.

Header Settings

To stick the header to the top of the screen, go to Customizer → Header Settings, check Enable Sticky Header, and press Save & Publish.

Featured Slider


A featured-content slider is great way to promote your posts. The slider uses Featured Images, so you’ll need a few posts with Featured Images and using the same tag.

Navigate to Customize → Featured Content. Enter your desired tag, and Save & Publish. If you leave this field empty, the slider will not be displayed.

To display slider at full-width, go to to Customize → Theme Options → Featured Slider. Check Enable full-width check box, and use the Save & Publish button in order to populate the changes.
The theme will display the slider without left and right margins, while the slider width depends on whether the home archives page is set to display as full width or boxed.

Sticky Posts

Sticky posts are posts that are displayed larger than other posts, and are always displayed at the top of other posts, regardless their chronological order. They are used to display important posts or posts that are promoted.

To make post sticky, go to Posts → All Posts. Click on Quick Edit under post that you wish to make sticky. Check option Make this post sticky. Press Update to save the changes.


Quote Post Format

goodz-sup-quoteTo create a quote, first choose the Quote post format. Select your desired text in the Visual Editor and apply Blockquote formatting to it.

To cite the quote author, write their name below the quote text. Switch to the Text Editor and add <cite></cite> around the author’s name.

See an example of the Quote post format.

Link Post Format

goodz-sup-linkTo create a link post, first select the Link post format. After adding your link text, link it to the desired URL. To add the link source or title, add around the source or title name. See Link post format example.


You can include the Sharing Menu at the side of each post and page. It has buttons for your readers to let them share your content across a range of social networks/services.

GoodzMagazine includes special styles for icon-only share links, aligning them to the edge of the post. To create icon-only share links:

  • Go to Sharing → Sharing Buttons and add/edit your buttons.
  • Under Button Style select Icon Only.
  • Under Show sharing buttons on select where you would like to display the links.
  • Press Save changes when you are done.


Goodz Magazine has a right-hand widget area and three widget areas in the footer. Widgets can be configured under Customizer → Widgets.

Post styling

Two-columns content


An example of two-column content.

You can display content in two columns by wrapping a div element with the class “twocolumn”, then a paragraph element with the class “half-width” around your content:

<div class="twocolumn">

Your text goes here

Your text goes here


Dropcap paragraph


An example of a drop cap.

Drop caps allow you to stylize the first letter in a post or page. Simply wrap the first letter in a span with “dropcap” as the class.

<span class="dropcap">D</span>rop cap examples.

You can see complete styleguide in action here.