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Gigawatt Theme

Gigawatt is a clean and bold video display theme that shows off your content in a way that compliments it. Designed especially for film-makers, editors, creatives and professionals working in motion picture-related industries, Gigawatt can be trusted to display your big screen talents in the best way possible on the small screen. It works well across all screens whether that be tablet, PC or even mobile.

You can set up the front page showcase by doing the following:

  • Go to Pages > Add New
  • Create a new page (suggestion: name it ‘Showcase’ for clarity)
  • Select the ‘Showcase’ page template.
  • Click Publish
  • Head to Settings > Reading
  • Select to use a static front page
  • Select the page you created (e.g. ‘Showcase’)
  • Click Save

The showcase page will now show all posts with the post format ‘Video’. The slider will show all ‘sticky posts‘.

Showcase your creative work

Package your talent professionally by adding your company’s branding to your site. Upload your logo and customize your layout without getting into the complications of coding. Explain your inspiration by writing creative rationales that caption your movies and content. Gigawatt is the ultimate video portfolio site.

You can upload your logo by doing the following:

  • Click on Appearance > Header
  • You can either upload an image or select an image you have already uploaded. We suggest you select ‘Skip cropping’ when uploading a logo as this would stop your logo from being cropped too small
  • Under ‘Header Text‘, be sure to uncheck the option ‘Show head test with your image’
  • Click Save Changes

Turn your homepage into a stage

Gigawatt Video Blogging Theme
Gigawatt puts the posts created with the video post format front and centre, and your home page features a big built-in slider that showcases all your latest video uploads. The 4-column layout below the slider showcases more of your latest work and can be easily ordered and organized into categories.

Share your work across platforms

Gigawatt Theme

Gigawatt puts all your social sharing icons on the homepage, so your readers and yourself can easily share your work across all your sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, GooglePlus and RSS. Get more exposure for your work and help spread your vision with your friends and broader business network.

You can set up the social media icons by first ensuring that you are running the ‘Showcase’ front page template.

Social Icon setup:

  • Head to Appearance > Theme Options
  • Fill in your relevant social media links
  • All links left blank will not show

Three color schemes to choose from

Gigawatt Theme

Gigawatt comes with one dark and two light color schemes. Decide which best frames your work and shows it off to its best ability.

You can change the color scheme of Gigawatt by doing the following:

  • Click on Appearance > Theme Options
  • Select a Color Style
  • Click Save Changes

No compromise on viewing quality

Gigawatt Theme

Gigawatt enables you to show a finer attention to detail. Make sure your videos have their intended impact with Gigawatt’s impressive 940px-wide viewing port.

Display images instead of videos

Gigawatt can also be used to display images in place of videos. Your posting window includes the standard image uploader that comes with auto-resizing and filter capabilities.

Gigawatt Widget Areas

Gigawatt has three widget areas available;

  • Sidebar: All widgets placed in the sidebar will appear on the right hand side of your standard page, blog page template, category and tag pages as well your single posts.
  • Footer Widget Area One: This is the left hand side footer area. These widgets will appear on the lower left corner on all pages.
  • Footer Widget Area Two: This is the right hand side footer area. These widgets will appear on the lower right corner on all pages.

Let Gigawatt make your work shine

Don’t waste another minute — use Gigawatt to give your work the attention it deserves.

Quick Specs (measurements in pixels)

  1. Header 940 x 250
  2. Slider 940 x 540
  3. Whole site 940 wide
  4. Main content is 550 wide
  5. Sidebar is 310
  6. Videos in video posts are 940 wide
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