Gemaby PixelGrade

Gema is a newspaper-inspired theme focused on presenting your content in diverse, daring, and bold ways.

Bring forth the stylish traveler, lifestyle connoisseur, the wandering photographer, literary dreamer, or any other passionate persona you keep tucked away. Gema complements each with its dynamic and adaptable nature.

Bold, Adaptable Layouts


Gema was designed with a wide range of content in mind and adapts to any type of post — images, quotes, text, or any combination.

Daring Design for Devoted Readers


With a unique grid layout, balanced range of diverse post layouts, and thoughtful choice of type and whitespace, Gema has a sharp and lightweight look. Precise animations set the right tone for your stories.

Mobile-Ready and Responsive for All Devices


Gema knows how much you love your writing and carefully chosen imagery or videos, and how critical it is to showcase that content beautifully to all of your users, no matter which device they happen to use. You can be sure that Gema will keep your website completely mobile-ready and responsive.

Social Icons for Those That Share

Gema easily features social media accounts using a Custom Menu, which appears just below the main menu.

Customize With Ease

Use the Customizer to adapt Gema even more by giving it a personal touch, in tune with your brand. For additional options like Custom CSS and Custom Colors outside of the free palettes that come with the theme, you will need the Premium or Business Plan.

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