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Gather comes with several layout options: You can choose to display one, two, three, or four columns on the homepage and archives. A sidebar is also optional on all posts, pages, and archives.

To change the layout, go to Customizer → Theme Options.


Under Standard Layout, you can choose whether to display the sidebar on the left or right of the main content. If no widgets are set, the sidebar will not display.

Under Archive Layout, you can choose how many columns appear on the home page and archives. You can choose “Two Column Masonry,” “Three Column Masonry,” or “Four Column Masonry.” If you’d prefer a more standard blog-style layout, choose “Standard Layout.”

Sidebars are optional on the homepage and archives. If you wish to display the sidebar, check “Display Sidebar on Archives.” Once you have added widgets to the sidebar, it will display on those pages.

Site Title and Custom Logo

Gather supports custom logos.


To add or edit your logo, go to the Customizer’s Site Identity panel.

If you wish to hide the tagline text, leave the Tagline field blank.

To center your logo or site title text, go to Customizer → Theme Options.

Header Image

Gather supports custom header images which display as a background in the header area. The suggested header image size 1280 × 180 pixels, but this the image will automatically stretch to fill the entire header space. Actual size may vary depending on screen size and height of logo or tagline text.

Featured Images

To display images automatically at the top of your posts, you’ll need to set a featured image. Upload the largest image size you have available as will automatically crop and resize the image as needed.


Gather has three menu locations available.

Main Menus

A menu set in the Primary Menu location displays above the header. A menu set in the Secondary Menu location displays below the header.

Social Menu

Gather also comes with a Social Menu location. Any menu item added to this location will display as an icon in the menu above the header. To use this feature, add a link using the “Custom Links” section.

The social menu supports over a dozen services, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify, and more.

Widget Areas

Gather has support for two widget areas: Sidebar and Footer. The Footer widget area automatically adapts to the number of widgets added. Gather displays up to three columns of widgets, depending on the number of widgets selected.

Author Information

An optional author box may be displayed at the bottom of posts.


To edit or add author information, each author can visit to My Profile and edit their About Me text.