Floralby eLightUp

Floral is an elegant and modern theme for personal bloggers. Its classic layout, stylish typography, and vintage color palette are perfect for personal, lifestyle, fashion, or travel blogs.

Built with great care, Floral is compatible with all modern browsers, responsive on all screens, and optimized for speed.

Featured Content Slider

On the homepage, you can highlight your most important posts or pages in the featured content slider. These posts are displayed in a carousel below the header, to capture your audience’s attention.

Sticky Header

Keep your header at the top of the page while readers scroll. This is a great way to let your visitors access important sections of your website like navigation menus, social links, or search forms no matter where they are on a page.

Sticky Sidebar

Just like the sticky header, the sticky sidebar means your widgets are always visible — your visitors have easy access to them whether they’re just starting to read a post, or are already down at the bottom.

Design For Writers And Focus On Readers

Floral was created with carefully-chosen fonts and font styles, ensuring a pleasurable reading experience.

Social Media Support

Floral supports social media in three optional places:

Other Options

Floral also supports other features such as Site Logo, Featured Images, Custom Background, Infinite Scroll, and Content Options.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 770.
  2. The sidebar width is 340.
  3. Featured images are 770x500.
  4. Featured images for featured content slider are 580x386.
  5. Featured images for recent posts widget are 90x90.
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