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headerIntroduction to Finder

Finder is the most minimal blog theme in our collection. Meant for photographers, Finder makes it easy to share your work with efficiency and edge, removing much of the typical clutter so your images and words remain the focus.

Setting Up Your Site

If you go through each of the following sections of this tutorial, you will learn how to make the most of what Finder has to offer. The sections are organized in a way that might make sense if you are building a brand new site with content you have already created, but of course you don’t have to follow this order to get your site up and running.

finder-theme-optionsTheme Options

In the Customizer, you will find a section called Theme Options that lets you modify some aspects of the theme.

You can use any image to create a custom text mask for your site title, or use the default marble text mask we’ve included. Upload your image or select one from the Media Library and then adjust the text mask size to optimize the display. If your text mask image is a repeating pattern, a smaller size looks better (farther left on the slider). A non-repeating image, such as a photograph, will probably look best at a larger size.

Alternately, check the box to “Disable the text mask.” The site title font will stay the same, but the text will appear in a solid color.

Please note: Currently, Firefox is unable to render masked text in the Customizer preview pane. When setting a custom image for the text mask in Firefox, you will need to Save & Publish your changes and then load your site in another tab to see how it looks. Alternatively, you can use a different browser when working with the text mask.

Enter content into the Footer text field and it will appear in the site footer above the Footer Menu (see below). You can use the same HTML tags that are allowed for posts to add some formatting.


In the Site Identity section of the Customizer, you can upload a custom logo to the site header, which will appear above the title and tagline. The maximum width for a custom logo is 940px.


Finder supports two menu locations. The Header Menu resides in the site header. The Footer Menu is in the site footer, which displays on the bottom-left side of the screen, and remains sticky, no matter how far you scroll.

On devices with narrow screens, the Footer Menu is not visible.


Finder includes two post footer widget areas. Widget areas are only shown on single posts.


To create a seamless photoblog design, be sure to set Featured Images for each of your posts. Posts that do not contain Featured Images display the title on the posts page instead.