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You can find additional, in-depth support documentation for Entrepreneur on the theme’s demo site. If you’re having trouble getting up and running with the theme, you’ll find expert assistance in the premium theme forum.

Step 1: Set Your Header Content

Add content into the top of your website, like business contact information or special announcements. Your address will automatically link to Google Maps, your telephone number will be callable from mobile devices, and your email address will be clickable so that site visitors may easily get in touch with you.

Customizer → Theme Options → Header Content

Step 2: Set Your Site Title, Site Description, and Site Logo

Entrepreneur supports a custom site logo. The maximum display dimensions for the logo are 512 pixels by 512 pixels. If you would like to use a larger image, we suggest using the theme’s custom header feature instead. To set it up please go to: Customizer → Site Identity

Step 3: Set Up Your Navigation Menus

For easier navigation around your site, Entrepreneur supports several custom menus: Site Header, Main Menu, Site Footer, and Social Links. Your Site Header, Social Links, and Main Menu will appear at the top of your site, while your Site Footer will appear at the bottom.

Customizer → Navigation

Social Links: This optional menu allows visitors to quickly access your social profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The list of available icons are those listed on the ​FontAwesome website. Read more about setting up your social links menu on the support documentation page. This will appear at the bottom right of your site.

Step 4: Set Up Your Static Front Page

To get started with a static front page and a page for your updates, all you need is to create at least two pages. The rest of your home page setup can be done from within the Customizer.

Note that in order to achieve a better effect with your background image, you’ll need to set a featured image on your front page.

To have designed Call to Action button as like we have in Entrepreneur demo, you need to use a class called call-to-action in an anchor tag.

<a class="call-to-action" href="https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/entrepreneur/">Get Started</a>

Customizer → Static Front Page

Step 5: Set Your Custom Header

Entrepreneur supports a custom header for your website, which appears just above your site title. Simply hop into your Customizer and locate the section titled Header image. A header image size of 1440 x 405 pixels is recommended.

Customizer → Header Image

Step 6: Set Your Custom Background

Setting a custom background color or image in Entrepreneur is easy. Simply hop into your Customizer, locate the Colors & Backgrounds section, and set your Background color. You can also set a custom background image in the Background image section of your Customizer.

Customizer → Colors & Backgrounds

Step 7: Set up Your Widgets

Entrepreneur supports up to two widget areas: Primary Sidebar and Website Footer. Both widget areas will be displayed on all pages of your website if you have manually added widgets to your site. if you wish, you can also configure your widgets to be visible only on some pages.

Customizer → Widgets

Step 8: Explore Your Layout Options

Your entire site, including your blog page, comes with a variety of layout options that help you control how your site appears. View the video below to see how much flexibility you have with the theme’s simple-but-powerful layout options.

Go to Customizer → Theme Options → Website Layout.

Then you’ll find Site Width, where you can select Wide or Slim from the dropdown.

Below, Hide page breadcrumbs checkbox gives option to hide breadcrumbs. By default, breadcrumbs shows in pages.

Blog Content, it has two dropdown as well. How you want to show each posts in archive pages Full or Excerpt. 

To hide featured images from single blog post, you can tick the checkbox of Hide featured images in blog content. 

Do More: Use Your Page Templates

Page templates are special pages that include additional features or custom layouts. Entrepreneur comes with custom page templates (listed below) to help you enhance your site, and we’re always adding more. Click on each page template title to learn more about it.


As seen in the above screenshot, the page templates can be found on Page Attributes options and one of them from three can be selected from the drop down.

Learn More

Entrepreneur supports all of the most common theme features that you’ve become accustomed to on WordPress.com. You’ll find a brief table of contents of the most useful support documentation available to you for Entrepreneur below. You can also hop over to the theme video tutorials and demos to get a better sense of the theme in action.

 The Grid

Entrepreneur was designed with a grid that has 12 columns and 11 gutters. Gutters are 30 pixels wide (max). The maximum width that will be occupied by the theme content in Desktop views is 1440 pixels. In mobile views the grid will collapse and all columns will be set to 100%. See the Entrepreneur grid in action.

And More

You’ll find extensive documentation on comments, common page elements, post formatsreadability, and more on the demo site for Entrepreneur. Hop over to learn more about the theme and if you need help setting anything up, don’t hesitate to reach out to the theme’s creators in the premium theme forum.

Entrepreneur for Self-Hosted Sites

Interested in using this theme on your self-hosted website? Click here.

The Professional Themes Support Policy

If you’re a WordPress.com user who has either purchased Entrepreneur or selected it via the Business plan and would like to use Guided Transfer or simply move to a self-hosted setup, you will need to obtain a self-hosted license.

Customers who move away from WordPress.com will need to purchase the theme from its creators to use it on a self-hosted blog.

Note that if you are within the 30-day refund window for Entrepreneur on WordPress.com then you can initiate a refund through your Dashboard and then purchase the theme for your self-hosted site.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.