Eleminby Automattic

Setting up the site layout in Elemin

Elemin provides you with three layout options:

  • Content-Sidebar
  • Sidebar-Content
  • Full Width, No Sidebar

Here’s how to activate each layout:

  • Content-Sidebar: From Appearance → Theme Options in WP Admin (yoursite.wordpress.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=theme_options), choose the Sidebar-Content layout option. Then go to Customize → Widgets and drag widgets to the sidebar called “Sidebar 1”. View your site — the sidebar should be on the right and the main post content on the left.
  • Sidebar-Content: From Appearance → Theme Options in WP Admin (yoursite.wordpress.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=theme_options), choose the Content-Sidebar layout option. Then go to Customize → Widgets and drag widgets to the sidebar called “Sidebar 1”. View your site — the sidebar should be on the left with the main content on the right.
  • Full Width, No Sidebar: Simply remove all widgets from Sidebar 1 in Customize → Widgets.

Front Page Post Layout Options

For the front page, you can display your posts in either a standard list format or in two columns. Set your preferred configuration under Appearance → Theme Options in WP Admin (yoursite.wordpress.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=theme_options), where it asks: “How would you like to display posts on the front page?”.

Color Schemes and Custom Link Colors

Choose from one of nine color schemes in Appearance → Theme Options in WP Admin (yoursite.wordpress.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=theme_options). Right underneath the color scheme options you’ll see a color picker which allows you to (optionally) select a color to use for the main links on your site. To use the color picker, click on “Select a color”, and click around inside the color wheel that pops up until you find a color you like. Then click “Save options” and reload your site to see your colors in action.

If you want to remove your custom link color, return to the color options and find where it says “The default link color for this color scheme is…” and click on the hexadecimal color name (it’ll be something like “#000000”). Then click “Save Options”.

Setting up your custom menus

By default the Elemin theme displays one custom menu in your header. There is also an optional footer menu.

Find out more about working with custom menus on the WordPress.com Custom Menu documentation page.

Post Thumbnails (Featured Images)

If you add a featured image to a post with the “Audio” post format, it’ll appear as a small 100 x 100 pixel thnumbnail just above the audio player in your posts (Note: you need the Space Upgrade in order to upload audio files).

Elemin also supports post thumbnails of 150 x 150 pixels.

Custom Header and Custom Background
You can add your own custom header image and background by going to Customize → Colors & Backgrounds and Customize → Header Image, respectively.