Designfolioby Press Coders

Setting Up the Homepage Slider

Set up the homepage slider in two steps:

1. Create posts with Featured Images and “featured” tag.

In your Dashboard, create a new post. Add a title and any content you desire to the post.

featured image

Next, click Set featured image to upload an image or choose one from your Media Library. This image should be large — a minimum of 700px wide by 450px tall. If you upload an image larger than that, it will be cropped.

Lastly, add a tag of “featured” in the box in the right hand column and click Add.

Featured post tag

To optionally add text below the title of the slide, you need to use an excerpt. Make sure you have excerpts displayed on your screen by clicking Screen Options at the top right of the post edit page. Once that is checked, you can scroll down and find the excerpt box. Enter a short sentence here, and save.


Repeat this step to create at least one more post.

2. Add tag in the Customizer.

Customizer featured tag

Next go to Appearance → Customize to get to the Customizer.

Click Featured Content in the bar on the right, and write “featured” — or the tag you used in your posts — then save.

Upload a Custom Logo

Designfolio custom logo

To upload a custom logo, go to Appearance → Customize.

Click Site Title in the customize bar on the right, and you will see the logo upload box. Click where it says No Image to display the uploader. Upload your custom logo, and choose the display options for your site title and tagline. Recommended logo dimensions are approximately 350px wide by 75px tall, but you can upload a logo of any size.

Custom Widgets

Social Media Icons

Designfolio has a custom info box widget that allows you to display social media icons, your phone number, and a search box anywhere on your site.

To use it, go to Appearance → Widgets. Drag the Designfolio info box widget from the left into any widget area. It works great in the header or Primary sidebar.

Add your phone number, or full social media urls. Your social media URLs should be the full URL, like this:

Optionally add the search box and other options, and save.

Custom Menus

Designfolio has two menu locations. The primary menu is the main horizontal menu beneath the site header.

The top menu shows at the very top of the site, and works great for a couple secondary links. It is not recommended to put more than three links in the top menu.

To set your custom menus, go to Appearance → Menus.