Delightby CyberChimps Inc

By default, Delight supports many WordPress features, including custom headers, custom backgrounds, custom menus, and widgets.

The following features are specific to Delight:

How to Add Your Contact Info and Choose The Sidebar Position

  1. From within your dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options.
  2. Here, you can add a phone number, address, and email address. You can also select whether to display the sidebar to the left or to the right of your content.

How to Add Your Social Profile Icons

  1. From within your dashboard, navigate to Settings > Sharing.
  2. You can now connect your favorite social profiles using Publicize.
  3. Once connected, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Connect.
  4. You can now select the social profile links you wish to display on your site.

Featured Images

Delight supports featured images on the front page. Featured images are displayed at 848 px wide by 300x high. For best results, make sure to upload featured images with these dimensions.

Having Trouble?

Try refreshing your page. Sometimes, you’ll need to clear your browser cache before your changes will appear.

If you need further help, we’ll be in the forums to provide you with additional guidance.

Thank you.