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From the Site Identity panel in the Customizer, you can change the content and appearance of Curator’s header section.

Customizable Header for Curator

Site Title and Tagline

Curator’s site title and tagline appear centered at the top of each page. You can toggle the visibility of your site’s tagline using the Display Header Text checkbox underneath the Tagline field.

Site Title and Tagline Options for Curator

Site Logo

You can upload a logo to Curator or add one from your Media Library.

Curator's Add Logo Uploader


From the Theme panel in the Customizer, you can change the Curator’s layout. Using the Index Page Layout dropdown menu, you can decide whether you would like to have one or two columns with a sidebar on your index page, or you can choose to have a full-width three-column view with the sidebar disabled. You can choose the placement of the sidebar using the Display sidebar left or right options underneath.

Change Layout Options on Curator

Mobile Theme

You can enable or disable Curator’s mobile view from the Appearance → Mobile page available from your dashboard. Learn more about this feature from the Mobile Themes support page.

Mobile Options in Curator's WordPress Dashboard


Curator supports nested menus, in case you need sub-menus or sub-sub-menus. You can learn more about this feature from the Custom Menus support page.


Curator has an extensive set of options to customize the background image on your blog. You can change the background image from the Customizer using the Colors & Backgrounds panel and live preview the background on your site. You can also use the Choose a Palette options to change the look, feel, and accent color of Curator.

Change Background from Curator's Customizer


From the Widgets panel in the Customizer, you can choose the placement of your Widgets. There are three available columns for your widgets in the footer, which are ordered from the column on the left to the column on the right.

Widget Columns Options for Curator's Footer


You can also add widgets from the Appearance → Widgets page of your WordPress dashboard by dragging widgets to the corresponding widget areas.

Widget Drag-and-Drop area.

There are additional widgets areas for your Main Sidebar, which will appear on the side of each blog post permalink page, and your Page Sidebar, which will appear on the side of each of your Pages. (They will not, however, appear on pages using the full-width page template.)

Blog Post Sidebar on Curator

Static Front Page

Instead of using your latest posts as your homepage, you can use the Static Front Page panel in the Customizer to set your preferred homepage. Learn how to set up a static Front Page.

Post Formats

Curator supports Standard Image, Gallery, Video, Audio, Quote, and Link post formats.

Gallery Posts

For Gallery Posts, Curator has a beautiful, clickable gallery function that lets your readers sift through the entire gallery directly from your blog page. Visit Galleries and Slideshows to learn more.

Gallery Post Widget in Curator

Quote Posts

Curator’s Quote Posts heavily use your blog’s Accent Color to highlight any quote you want to feature. It is recommended that you use the Post Title area for the quote’s source and that you leave the body of your post as just the quote itself.

Quote Post Example for Curator