Clear Newsby Press75


Clear News provides several options for homepage content, which are set under Appearance → Customize → Theme Options.

To set up an intro page:

  1. Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options.
  2. Select a static page to use for the the intro.
  3. You can set the page formatting to Standard width or Full Width. Choosing Full Width will display the page’s featured image.

Custom Menus

Clear News has one custom menu area. If there is no custom menu configured then the menu will display a list of your site’s pages. Learn more about setting up a Custom Menu.

Custom Header

Clear News supports Custom Headers. This header will appear above your site navigation, in the slide-out menu.

Custom Background

Clear News supports Custom Backgrounds. Like Custom Headers, you can either upload a new image or choose one from your Media Library. Once you’ve chosen your image, you will have several options for displaying the background. You can choose a background color instead of an image.


Clear News has one widget area. Information on the administration of widget areas can be found here.

The sidebar displays on all posts and pages, and can be accessed by clicking the toggle button in the upper right corner of the page. If you don’t add any widgets to the sidebar, the sidebar won’t be shown.

Social Media Icons

Clear News allows you to utilize social media icons for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. These icons display on the left of the browser window, below the main menu icon. clear-news-icons

To have these icons display you will first need to configure the Sharing setting within the Settings –> Sharing area. Next, click “Connect” next to the social media that you would like to display here (Twitter, Facebook, or G+). After you have connected a social media network, you may navigate to the Appearance –> Customize area of the admin panel, and under the “Connect” tab you can now “link” your social media accounts to the icons.

Please review the following images to assist in location of options.