Cameraby Array

Getting Started With Camera

Camera is customizable via the Customizer. Here, you can change the theme’s options and add widgets to your sidebar. To access the Customizer, head to Appearance → Customize.

Visit the Site Identity section to customize your site title or add a logo.

  • Display Avatar with Site Title: Check this option to show a Gravatar image along with your site title. A Gravatar is an avatar that you can use across many social sites. The Gravatar displayed will be the one associated with the site owner’s email address.
  • Logo Upload: Upload your own logo to display instead of your site title.

Social Links Menu

social-icon-menuSet up a social links menu to let visitors know where to find you.

Icons are supported for the following sites: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Dribbble, Github, Flickr, CodePen, Behance, Dropbox, Pinterest, Reddit, Soundcloud, Spotify, WordPress, and email.

Add a Post or Page Subtitle

subtitle Camera lets you add specially-styled intro text to your post or page. This can be a brief description of the post or a tagline to go below your post title. To add a subtitle, add text to the Excerpt box on your post, which is found below the post editor. If you don’t see the box, enable it by opening the Screen Options panel in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard and checking the Excerpt option. Learn more about using excerpts.


Camera uses image galleries to create full-width carousels. If a post is set to use the Gallery post format, Camera will take the first gallery in your post and turn it into a carousel automatically.

  • gallery-format Start by creating a new post. On the right hand side of the screen, in the Post Format window, select the Gallery post format.
  • Insert your cursor at the top of your post, above your post content, and click Add Media. When the media window opens, click Create Gallery. Just as you normally would, upload or select from your media library the images you’d like to use in your carousel gallery. You can arrange your gallery images by dragging them around in the gallery editor. Keep in mind that when creating a carousel gallery, the default gallery settings — such as columns, link and type — will have no effect.
  • Once your images are selected, click Insert Gallery.
  • Once the gallery is added to your post editor, save or publish your post. Preview your gallery and make any adjustments to arrangement as needed.


The widget section of Camera is in the sidebar, which visitors can view by clicking the toggle button at the upper right hand side.