Cameraby Array

cameraCamera is an elegant, distraction-free canvas for showcasing photography. Along with large, beautiful featured images, you can create unique photo series in a full-width carousel to accommodate both landscape and portrait images. Camera is perfect for travel blogs, food blogs, and photo series.

Powered by Photography


Using image galleries, you can create mobile- and tablet-friendly photo carousels to showcase your travel blog, food blog, or any photography. Camera supports carousel galleries, mosaic tiled galleries, thumbnail galleries, and featured images. Use a creative combination of these galleries to tell your story.

Mobile and Tablet Ready


Camera was crafted for all screens, from desktop to mobile and every device in between. Images and video scale down gracefully, for a seamless mobile browsing experience.



Camera features a minimal design to reduce common distractions, allowing visitors focus on your photography. Responsive site navigation, social links, and widgets are available via a slide-out sidebar.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 640.
  2. Featured and carousel images for posts and pages should be at least 1200 wide.
  3. The Site Logo will appear at a maximum width of 500.
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