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Setting Your Website Layout

Business Identity can either be set to a wide view or slim view, as well as a right-default or left-default setting for the primary sidebar. To do so please go to Customize > Theme Options > Website Layout and play with Site Width and Default Sidebar Position

Setting a Custom Header Image

We recommend using a 1440 pixel wide by 422 pixel tall header image, but you can set these dimensions to whatever you prefer. The theme will show your custom header throughout the whole site.

Site Title and Tagline

Your site title will show on all pages of your website, while the tagline will only be used for browser titles and SEO purposes. It will not be displayed by default.

Business Identity Site Title

Navigation Menus

Two custom site navigation menus are supported by Business Identity:

  1. Primary Menu: This navigation menu should be considered your most important navigation tool for website visitors. It will appear at the top of every page of your website, and the device on which it’s being viewed will dictate how it appears on your site. On mobile devices its maximum depth level is two, and on desktop devices its maximum link depth level is three.
  2. Secondary Menu: This optional navigational menu appears in the footer of your website for links to additional information about your business, like a privacy policy, terms of service, or contact page. Its maximum depth level is one, meaning that it’s a menu that supports top-level links only.


Site Logo

A custom site logo is supported in Business Identity; it is automatically constrained to 48 pixels by 48 pixels. If you would like to use a high quality logo for Retina devices then simply upload a 96 pixel by 96 pixel logo and it will be reduced to 48 pixels by 48 pixels next to your website title.

Creating Your Home Page

Without a doubt, our favorite part of Business Identity — and the thing we hope you’ll love most — is its home page. We’ve built it to be fully responsive and beautiful on all of your devices, and made sure to address a lot of your business needs when crafting a home page for your website. We’ve detailed exactly how to set up your home page over on the demo site. Read the instructions.


Featured Images

Business Identity supports featured images on both posts and pages. You will find images demonstrating what you can expect them to look like throughout your site, as well as notes on how to implement them, over on the demo site.


Business Identity supports up to three widgets areas: Primary Sidebar, Website Footer, and Front Page. Read instructions on how to set them up, as well as more technical information about their implementation, over on the demo site.


Testimonials are a great way to show community support and customer appreciation for your business and product. Business Identity supports customer testimonials, which are very easy to set up. Learn more.

Custom Colors

By default Business Identity has a rich purple color scheme. If you would like to use your own custom color palette purchase the Custom Design upgrade. Please go to Customize > Colors & Backgrounds and change it to your prefered color there.

Custom Fonts

Purchase the Custom Design upgrade in order to use custom fonts with Business Identity. Please go to Customize > Fonts and change Headings and Base Font from there, if you need to change any specific element font please use Custom CSS.

For more in-depth instructions on using Business Identity, head over to the demo site and dive into its documentation.

Business Identity for Self-Hosted Sites

Interested in using this theme on your self-hosted website? Click here.