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Beautiful content meets sleek, minimal design

Booklet gives you a combination of minimalistic design, pixel-perfect typography, and slick content browsing features. With multiple layouts and smart customization options, you can create a stunning magazine, mixed-media website, or personal blog.

Featured Content Carousel


With Booklet, showcase your best content to your visitors with a stunning Featured Content Carousel. Display up to 10 of your featured posts in an elegant, responsive carousel at the top of your homepage. Simply add a tag to your posts to include them automatically in the carousel.

Header Category Menu


Using the Header Category Menu, you can add a slick, instant-post-loading category menu to the fixed navigation bar of your site. The Header Category Menu lets visitors browse the five latest posts from each category in your menu. Visitors can get to more of your content instantly, without having to leave the page.

Booklet also adds a Footer Category Menu, which brings the same instant post loading to the bottom of your site for even more engagement.

Preview the Category Menus on the Booklet demo clicking the Browse button on the fixed navigation bar, or by scrolling to the bottom of any page.

Handcrafted For All Screen Sizes


Booklet features a flexible, responsive design, meaning your site will scale to fit any screen size, from desktops down to mobile phones. All pages and features have been optimized to work on every device.

Fonts, images, navigations, and page styles have been optimized to give your users a seamless, comfortable browsing experience.

Layout Styles to Match Your Content

Booklet comes with several layout options that can be configured into one, two, or three columns to match your content.

Every template included with Booklet features flexible, expressive styles for typography, images, galleries, and more, allowing you to create engaging content.

Single-Column Layout


Two-Column Layout


Three-Column Layout


Elegant Typography On All Your Devices


Better typography makes for a much better reading experience for your visitors. Booklet features Work Sans, a super clean sans-serif font for pixel-perfect posts. We’ve also refined the typography to work beautifully on desktop and mobile devices.

Create a Stunning Header Image


We’ve included several options to allow you to edit the logo, header background color, header background image, header image opacity, and header height. These can all be changed in real time using the Customizer to create an impressive header area.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width on posts and pages is 860.
  2. Featured Images are 1400 wide.
  3. The Site Logo appears at a maximum width of 500.
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