Blinkby Codestag

Blink is an elegant theme that allows you to tell your stories in a visually stunning way. Crafted with great care, Blink focuses on ease of use, readability, and robust performance. It adapts to any mobile device, allowing your readers to have a seamless experience no matter how they visit your blog.

Custom Blog Layouts

Easily switch between four blog layouts, preview their effect on your site in the Customizer, then choose the one that works best for you.

Your Content in Focus, on Every Device

Blink’s responsive layout adapts beautifully to any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop, or a laptop. With a mobile-refined interface, your visitors can easily navigate and interact with your content.

Full-Screen Featured Images

Set an engaging featured image for your posts, and impress your readers by creating a rich visual experience when they browse your site.

Footer Widgets

If you are using widgets, you can place them in Blink‘s widget area in the footer.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 970.
  2. The footer widget area widths are 465.
  3. The featured image size scales to the size of the browser window and has a max width of 1600 and max height of 1600
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