Blaskanby Aigars Silkalns

Blaskan is a minimal theme focused on blogging, designed to present your text, photos, and videos in a clean, contemporary interface. Your readers will love that its responsive layout means your content looks attractive—and readable—on devices of all sizes. Sporting crisp typography, three layout options, and post thumbnails—Blaskan is a perfect fit for a journal or photoblog.

Sidebars and Widgets

Blaskan has the option to create various layouts simply by assigning widgets to existing sidebar locations. A one-column layout means there are no widgets are assigned at all; a two-column layout is enabled if you add widgets to the main sidebar; and a three-column layout when you assign widgets to both the primary and secondary sidebars.

A footer widget area is also available—especially useful in the one-column layout.

Custom Menus in Header and Footer

Blaskan comes with two Custom Menu locations: the main navigation area in the header, and a secondary menu in the footer. (Note: the footer menu only supports one level of menu depth.)

Example of footer menu in action.

And More…

  • Header and background—make it your own with a Custom Header Image and Custom Background.
  • Post thumbnails—this theme uses Featured Images for posts and pages to automatically show a thumbnail image. Images are displayed at full-width, see the Quick Specs below for exact dimensions.
  • Responsive design—Blaskan sports a flexible layout that works well in desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 830 in the 2-col layout, and 540 in the 1-col and 3-col layouts.
  2. Header image width is 1120 in the 2-col and 3-col layouts, and 540 in the 1-col layout. Header height is 160 in all 3 layouts.
  3. Post thumbnail widths are 830 in the 2-col, and 540 in the 1-col and 3-col layouts.

This theme is available for download to be used on your WordPress self-hosted installation.

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