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Make It Your Own

With Bailey, we’ve leveraged the built-in Customizer, so it’s easier than ever to make your website your own. Easily add a custom logo, social icons, and more.


Start Sharing Now: Your Best Work Front and Center

Bailey’s custom-built portfolio makes it easy to share anything—from your photos, artwork, galleries, slideshows, or videos, to full case studies of client projects. Select from one- to three-column grids, and choose from three hover effects. Individual projects can be grouped and sorted automatically by type and tag.


Designer Details: Typekit Out of the Box

A well-structured grid and asymmetrical layout brings your work into focus. Building upon this clean, minimalist and designer look is a creative and sophisticated pairing of Franklin Gothic URW for the main copy and Kepler Std for splashes of accent. You can also easily add your own custom Typekit fonts if you choose. Both premium fonts are included out of the box. There’s no need for a separate Typekit account.

Please note: Bailey comes with one year of’s Custom Design upgrade included in the cost. The Custom Design upgrade gives you access to the special Typekit fonts, as well as color options and the ability to modify the theme’s CSS. While Bailey itself is a one-time purchase, the Custom Design upgrade is a yearly upgrade that must be renewed separately after the first year. Its cost is [wpcom-upgrade-price product=’custom-design’] per year. If you choose not to renew the Custom Design upgrade after the first year, the theme will no longer be displayed with Typekit fonts.

Further Help

If you need help with Bailey be sure to read through the full support documentation. You can also ask us questions in the Bailey support forum.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  • Featured images should have a minimum width of 1042.
  • The main column maximum width is 1042.
  • All images and video will scale to fit the viewing screen.
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