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Learn how to set up the Axon WordPress theme.

Axon is a clean, creative and responsive WordPress blog theme. It has an eye-catching featured posts content area. Axon is powered with boxed or wide layout that can be further customized to left sidebar, right sidebar or without sidebar easily.

Featured Posts

Axon has an eye-catching featured posts content area at home page. You can easily grab the attention of your visitors to the desired posts or pages. Any post or page can be made featured with the help of featured tag via the Customizer.

Below are some guidelines to help you get the featured posts setup.

  • Go to Appearance → Customize → Featured Content and add featured tag or a tag of your choice. Axon supports up to 3 posts in its featured content area.
  • Create or Edit a post you wish to feature. Assign that special tag to this post which was set by yourself in the above step.
  • Set a featured image to your post.
  • Publish the post.

Theme Options

Axon has a handful of theme options that you can access by going to Appearance → Customize → Theme. Here is a brief rundown of the settings in the Theme menu.

Axon Customizer

Adding Your Logo

You can upload the logo of your site using the media uploader. Recommended logo dimension is 250×80 (width x height) in pixels.

Theme Layout

You can use Axon in default wide layout or personalize it with beautiful backgrounds by using the boxed layout.

  • Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme
  • You may select a Wide or Box option from the Theme Layout drop down.

Wide Layout

Axon theme will cover the complete viewport in the wide layout mode. Background color or image will not be visible in this option.

Box Layout

Axon theme will wrap the content in a box. This option is ideal for you if you wish to use background color or image for your website.

Blog Layout

Axon is powered with very flexible layout. You can choose the following layouts easily.

  • Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme
  • You may select a Content-Sidebar, Sidebar-Content or Content option from the Blog Layout drop down.

Custom Header & Background

You can personalize your site with a custom header and background via Customizer.


Custom Menus

Axon allows you to have a custom menu in the theme’s header. It can be setp up by going to Appearance → Menus.

Axon Custom Menu

Full Width Template

Axon comes with a full-width page template to put the focus on your content.

Axon Full Width Template

Widget Areas

Axon comes with five widget areas – one in the right or left sidebar, and up to four in the footer. The footer widget areas will activate once you drag widgets to them in Appearance → Widgets.

Axon Widget Areas

Connect to Social Networks

Axon allows you to add links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Tumblr accounts in the theme’s footer. First, connect these services to Publicize, by going to Settings → Sharing. Once connected, navigate to the Customizer, where you will find a new Connect panel. Select the account(s) you want to link to, and their respective icons will be displayed.

Axon Social Media