AutoFocusby Allan Cole

AutoFocus Site Demo

AutoFocus is an elegant, minimal theme designed for artists, photographers, and other creatives seeking a simple but beautiful way to showcase their talents online.

Impressive, Large Featured Images

You’ll immediately notice AutoFocus’ prominent single post featured images, which when set manually are placed front and center, above your post’s title and content. If you would rather have your images more closely integrated into your content then you can certainly do that as well.

AutoFocus Single Post View

Smart, Stunning Archives

All archive views in AutoFocus—the index, category, tag, date-based, and author pages—make it incredibly easy to create stunning website content without going through the hassle of manually setting featured images for every single one of your posts.

Your image placeholders will first search for manually set featured images; if none are found then images that you’ve uploaded to your posts will instead automatically be used. If no images are found for a post, then its date, title, and excerpt will be shown.

AutoFocus Archive View


AutoFocus beautifully responds to not only single image posts but also full galleries. If you would prefer to forego a large featured image above your post content and instead showcase an entire set of photos then simply insert a gallery into your post without manually setting a featured image.

Galleries in AutoFocus

Custom Background and Header

Add a personal touch by uploading a Custom Header Image or by taking advantage of the Custom Background feature.

Custom Menu

You may also customize your site navigation by creating your own Custom Menu. If you decide to hide your site title and description, AutoFocus’ menu will automagically change from a vertical display to a horizontal orientation. This is especially useful in the case of large site menus.

AutoFocus, Site Title Disabled

AutoFocus is made for showcasing beautiful work. We can’t wait to see how you show off your artistry with this theme.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main content column width is 590.
  2. The sidebar width is 195.
  3. The header image dimensions are 800 by 216 (width, height).
  4. The maximum width of single post featured images is 800.
  5. Widget-enabled sidebars are enabled on all pages.
  6. Single post sidebars will in lieu of widgets show important post metadata.

This theme is available for download to be used on your WordPress self-hosted installation.

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