Attacheby Press75


Attache is an ideal theme for bloggers and storytellers. Featuring a Pinterest-like grid, the theme uses unique layouts for supported post formats. Sticky posts are displayed at twice the size of regular posts, giving them an extra visual boost.

Impress on Every Device

With Attache, your content will look great on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Post Formats

Attache supports three post formats: standard, video, and gallery. Each format presents your story in a unique way on the blog index, search, and archive pages.




Theme Options

You can make Attache your own by editing the theme options in the Customizer: you can add text to the footer area, add a logo, and change the theme’s colors, background, fonts, and more.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The content area is 607 wide. With the full-width template, the content area is 788 wide.
  2. The sidebar is 333 wide.
  3. Featured images on the blog index are 333 wide, with an adaptive height to maintain aspect ratio.
  4. Featured images on single post pages with sidebar is 697 wide; using the full-width template, it is 808 wide. Image height is adaptive to maintain aspect ratio.
  5. Recommended logo width is 400.
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