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Aperitive engages your visual and culinary senses, offering a design fit for a Michelin-starred chef. The simple two-column layout combined with clear, elegant typography makes your content shine.

Two-Column Layout

The simple-yet-practical two-column layout takes glossy food magazines as its inspiration, and will appeal to restaurant, cafe/bar, or club owners looking to give their business site a contemporary look.

Aperitive focuses on bringing your visuals to the forefront, with your written content and featured image each taking up half the screen.

Food Menu

Aperitive supports Food Menus, so you can list all your offerings in a pleasing, accessible way. The Menu page is where potential patrons can explore all your signature dishes, which you can customize to include details like ingredients. You also have the option to create a Reservation page using a contact form, which allows customers to check current table availability and make reservations in just a few clicks.

Slide-out Widget Area

Aperitive comes with a slide-out widget area that’s tucked away so that visitors can focus on your content without distractions; when selected, the widget area expands with a neat, fluid motion.

You can use the widget area to add extra touches to your site, like a Category Widget to group posts by topic — for example by meal (breakfast, dinner) or ingredient (chicken, pork, vegan…).


Tasteful Blog Layouts

Match your passion for words with a look that will whet your readers’ appetite. You can choose between one- and two-column blog layouts, depending on your blog’s focus and your publication frequency.

Beautiful Posts

Aperitive ensures that your posts look gorgeous. Big, beautiful imagery helps your writing stand out, so the featured image is displayed prominently next to your article.



Aperitive supports Portfolios and includes a template that displays them in a grid. Fill it up to your heart’s content, and it’ll show your images with the same flair you’ll find elsewhere on your site. Use it to showcase your latest dishes, photos of the restaurant you just reviewed, or images from your latest food-blog photoshoot.

Responsive by Design

Thanks to Aperitive’s responsive design, your site will look great on all devices, from small phones to large screens.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The Page and Post content width is 697.
  2. The slide-out widget area width is 310.
  3. Featured Images and Custom Header Images should be at least 1280 wide.
  4. The recommended logo size is 117 wide by 220 high.
  5. When displayed in one column, blog posts are 738 wide.
  6. When displayed in two columns, blog posts are 364 wide.
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