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Alto is a content-focused theme: its sharp lettering and simple organization will provide an engrossing experience for your readers. Employing a subtle mix of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, Alto is a perfect frame for blogs, portfolios, and magazines.

Alto‘s design is especially attractive for sites aiming for the feel and flow of a digital magazine. You can keep your readers connected with links to more than 25 social media sites, and encourage a lively dialogue with the theme’s optional threaded comments.

Responsive Layout


Alto is fully responsive, so your content will look sharp on any device or browser.

Alternate Post Types

No one’s a fan of monotony. That’s why we’ve packed Alto with two alternative post types, giving you the freedom to present your content in three different ways.

Here’s the default post layout:


Compare it to the first alternative style, with the post’s metadata – categories, author, date, etc. – placed beneath the featured image:


In the second alternative post type, the featured image becomes a splashy, full-width statement:



More Ways to Customize Your Site

On top of a custom header image, Alto also lets you add sleek social media links in the right-hand side of the theme’s footer.

Need help setting up your theme? Head over to Alto’s support page.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 660.
  2. The sidebar width is 272.
  3. Featured Images are 1200 wide by unlimited height on single posts (using Default Layout), 1000 wide by unlimited height on single posts (using Alternative Layout #1), and 1240 wide by unlimited height on single posts (using Alternative Layout #2).
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