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deconstructing WALKING DEAD: Season Finale

If you’re craving more in-depth analysis than the standard WALKING DEAD recap then you’re in luck. This nerdy review also contains theories about that mysterious group known as The Wolves. 2,844 more words



When a group of mercenaries are hired to escort a man deep into Eastern Europe they run into a major problem in the form of old NAZI experiments that have created immortal monsters. 1,468 more words

The Undead Review

The Walking Dead - "Conquer"

Season Five, Episode Sixteen

Grade: B

The Walking Dead still has a problem. I’m fascinated by how many people watch and love this show, because to me it’s really not much more than just a guilty pleasure. 1,031 more words


Dying Light - World

Developer Techland is widely known for the great arcade games and shooters they created, but their recent standout title was Dead Island. With Dying Light, they tried to take the experience to a whole new level, but did they manage to succeed? 614 more words


AnomalyCon 2015

This past weekend I was at a booth with my good friend Stevie (she steams art online at Twitch) selling her fantastic prints and commissions of AnomalyCon goers! 100 more words


Are You Nice to Your Characters? #iartg #BookBoost #PDF1

One of the most recent reviewers of Vamp-Hire wrote something to me that got me thinking. “Poor nick,” she wrote, “you are pretty mean to him.” As it had been about six months since I’d read the whole story, I was kind of surprised. 157 more words

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