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The Walking Dead Spoilers VIA: EW

Can you offer any scoop on what Alexandria is like on The Walking Dead? — Kaelyn
It’s definitely a stark contrast to what they’ve been living with for the last few years. 32 more words


Blood Soaked (2014)

Directed by Peter Grendle
Wild Eye Releasing

The Movie

Blood Soaked is a down and dirty homage to zombie and Nazisploitation films from from writer-director Peter Grendle. 1,067 more words


The Walking Dead Titles Revealed

5×13 – 5×16 Titles and Synopsis

Episode 5.13 – Forget

As Rick and the others continue to acclimate to their new surroundings, they consider a return to normalcy. 68 more words


Chinese New Year 2015 in Review: Attack of the Baijiu Zombies

Chinese New Year is a lazy drug reference away from being compared to Christmas. Basically it’s really good. It suffers from the same excitement/work fatigue/stupidity that precedes Christmas where everyone stops giving a fuck about anything 36 hours before their leave from work actually begins. 743 more words


Walker Stalker Con - The Dead Invade Dallas on March 14th and 15th

In just two weeks the halls of the Dallas convention center will be overrun with the dead and survivors fending them off alike. Now don’t worry – there’s no oncoming apocalypse, at least not yet anyway, rather it’s Walker Stalker Con: a sci-fi horror convention celebrating the hit TV/comic series The Walking Dead. 249 more words


kolchak the night Stalker - The Zombie


The Zombie was aired on ABC on September 20 1974. It was the second episode aired. Momalois’s son gets killed by the mob and she decides to use her voodoo to raise him from the dead to get revenge on those people responsible for his death. 257 more words

Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Dark Winter: Book 2 - Chapter 7

The metal door gave way with a sharp crack of splintering drywall and wood. The sounds of the dead grew louder as they pushed through, crawling over one another in their haste and hunger. 1,793 more words

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