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Inspecteur Jean vs. Lobster Mutants

As you might have figured out by now, I’m into that whole postapo and zombie stuff and even do some larping now and then. So after a few years as a player at… 102 more words


H1Z1 Patch Notes April 16th

H1Z1, the zombie survival MMO from Daybreak Game Company, continues to update and improve during its Early Access period on Steam.

Release Notes… 506 more words

THE LAST TOWN #3: The Toils of Jock Sinclair

From the upcoming release of The Last Town #3: Waiting for the Dead (until I come up with a better title): I feel badly for Jock Sinclair. 1,430 more words


Land of the Dead

Years after the zombie apocalypse consumed the world, a small pocket of humanity has come together in a walled off city to survive as best they can in a world overrun by zombies, but the undead are getting restless and that city may not last much longer. 1,910 more words

The Undead Review

Day of the Dead 2: Contagium

In 1968 a virus capable of reanimating the dead almost got loose into the general public. The outbreak was controlled, but one vial of the virus was lost. 1,707 more words

The Undead Review

It's only just begun

I’m sitting in a cafe and writing about the beginnings of the outbreak. The beginning is always my favorite part of a story. The anticipation of what’s to come is electrifying. 112 more words


Listicle - stuff you need to survive the coming apocalypse

Well, okay then.

I spent .99 cents on a EDC/EDC Survival eBook that can be boiled down to one simple listicle.

So preppers and survivalist, let me save you a buck. 278 more words