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Fresh Blood

Sheriff Dells remained safe from the snipers as long as he kept the post office between him and the cactus studded hill to the west, but how long could he stay there with a hundred zombies heading his way. 800 more words



Haven’t you heard? “Ebola attacks the brain, making infected people into…

…wandering from village to village infecting people without knowing it.” Then there is the story that the US government weaponized Ebola and dropped an infected black man into the middle of Africa as a test run…just like they did with AIDS. 131 more words


Dark Winter: Book 2 - Chapter 13

Outside of her small prison, Lindsay heard a man cry out. There was a heavy, thick thud and another cry. Still male.

Not Katie.

Lindsay slipped to the door, nearly silent in her bare feet. 1,986 more words

Fan Fiction


That’s basically how I feel. I’ve had a cold for about a month now and it won’t go away. Is it just an incredibly bad case of hay fever? 156 more words

Review of Rachel Aukes' "Deadlands Rising"

Deadlands Rising wraps up the Deadland’s trilogy.  Cash, Clutch, and the diminished group of close nit survivors that they call family are working on making it to the promised safe haven in New Eden, to the west of where they have been fighting to survive in Iowa for the bulk of the first two books.  645 more words


ONE SHOT: Love In The Time Of Zombie Apocalypse

To the cute boy beside me

You probably know me as the grumpy girl with unruly hair sitting beside you. I know I’m a little scary and smiling is not really my thing. 684 more words


April 23 - On the Zombie Apocalypse

Would you make it?

Would you be prepared for an apocalypse?

Any apocalypse?

I don’t mean in a crazy, dig an underground bunker, lay in supplies for twenty years, practice with low grade munitions in your backyard type ‘preppers’ kind of survival, just in a normal, ‘wear sensible shoes just in case’ kind of way. 47 more words