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火宫殿, Chairman Mao's Favorite Restaurant, 2010

Huo Gong Dian–火宫殿 (the “Fire Palace”)–in Changsha 长沙, the capital of Hunan province, was a restaurant that Chairman Mao frequented. Some of its most famous dishes include charcoal-colored stinky tofu, pineapple bread, lamb kebabs, and Changsha doupi (豆皮, or dried beancurd). 271 more words

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Zhangjiajie, the real world Avatar, China, 2010

2010 in Zhangjiajie was still the year of Avatar–the movie of the blue humanoid species living on Pandora that broke box office records and surpassed Titanic as the highest-grossing film of all time–because James Cameron has cited the quartz-sandstone formations as his inspiration for Pandora. 581 more words

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Hunan Province, China, 2010

We left Sichuan Province after descending from Mt. Emei to visit Zhangjiajie 張家界 National Forest Park in Hunan 湖南 Province. Our group arrived and checked in fairly early at the airport; what was there to do with 2 hours to kill? 461 more words

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