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The ambient temperature is 16°C. A cool breeze is flowing. I’m yet to see the Sun shining. However, people seem happy. The children are all excited and are playing cricket. 370 more words


Happiness After Heartbreak

After a breakup, we have a million and one unanswered questions as well as thoughts about how our future used to look and how it looks now. 494 more words


Snow Pictures

5:08 PM

After a long nap, I woke up to no electricity and no internet, hence why I am just now posting the pictures I took at too-early-o’clock. 378 more words

Personal Life

Klopp Shouldn't Stop

He was with them when they got their first domestic double, and he will stay with them when they face the fear of relegation.

Jürgen Klopp guided Borussia Dortmund to the UEFA Champions League final against Bayern, and while Dortmund lost, to get there they had to go through the “group of death”, which they got through undefeated,  and beat Real Madrid, one of the top ranked teams in the world,  twice. 167 more words


Im that friend.

Im that friend.

The one who forgives too easy. The one who will sit and listen to what you have to say without judgement. The one who will give advice when I feel it is my place to. 330 more words


Thoughts on food and nutrition

In preparation for running a marathon obviously food plays a pretty important part in your progress and performance. Where I think that it gets interesting is when you start to approach nutrition from a very simplistic perspective. 539 more words


Why I hate the word "Mama"

26th of February 2015

Who said being a mom is the best job in the world ?

Why? because you get paid in love.(Pfft…(sarcasm)).Dreamers, the lot of you.I can guarantee you that most of the time its like you are in a war zone.There is no peace.There is no quiet time. 664 more words