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liebster award

ok first, thank you so much to Quiet Alison for the nomination, I really appreciate it!

Onto the questions *drumroll*

1. What is your proudest moment? 393 more words

The Who and the Why...

Hi, Natasha here. This is my first official blog post and I am going to be straight with you. This is not a Know It All blog from an elegant tongued writer. 111 more words


Who & Why?

I am @wayfarermj currently studying electrical engineering(I know this Sucks!). I know more about computer engineering than about electrical engineering but my blog will in no way be related to this subjects. 223 more words



“It’s black and white and gray.”  — Aly

Who am I if not the true me?

In this realm overlooked by many–


As if it does not occur…

28 more words

Who I am and what I'm doing here

There comes a stage in every self-respecting bibliophile’s life when he/she wants to be something more. When they start dreaming up characters and situations, when every mundane thing in life seems to hold the promise of a story. 89 more words


Coping with Uncertainty

I know that I’m not the first to be in need of answers to my soul searching questions post grad. Now I am wondering if there is one path for each of us. 512 more words


Hello world!

Hi! My name is Blossom Rodrigues, I am from Mumbai, India. I am passionate about healthy living, fashion, skin and hair care! Inspite of having lived in an urban city all my life I am constantly seeking for ways and methods to go back to simplicity, peace, nature and holistic living. 113 more words