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Hello World

Welcome to “My Life in Pjs”, to start with let me give you the reason I chose my blogs name.  First off my name is Paula and it just so happens that my initials are PJS and at this time I am not working (a topic for another day) so changing out of my pajamas is not a decision I even think about on most days.  180 more words


writing, writing, writing

Hello! My husband and I have talked about starting a blog for the past three years. We usually start talking about all the things we would write about and then spend days discussing potential names. 704 more words


Self-talk #2: Would you talk to your friend like that?!

This is one I’m trying to focus on at the moment.

I have recently quit my job and left a very stressful situation behind. I have savings to keep me going, but I’ll have to watch my spending as I go forward. 332 more words


Austria 2011 - Day 8

Today we spent the morning hiking up a mountain path to see the waterfalls there. I can’t really remember much about it though, apart from it was quite hot and the path was slippery! 410 more words


Going on an Adventure

I’ve been saying I will start a blog for years. I write in my own private journal all the time, and I think I have some quite comical and interesting experiences which other people might enjoy reading about. 936 more words


Reflections: My First Lesson

I’ve had many things happen in my life, some major events, some minor. Each has played a part in moulding me into who I am today, and events that are yet to occur will continue to grow me throughout life. 368 more words