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Cutting Out Plastic

Sadly it is really difficult to cut out plastic. When I walk into the grocery store it is all I see. Plastic bags for snacks. Plastic seal for meat. 593 more words

How to start?

Open your eyes. Look around. Observe. Get to know what is available in your shop. Watch what you buy.

Is it packaged? Plastic? Paper? Both? 22 more words

Zero Waste

Why you should stop buying plastic!

Take a look around you. Most of everything we consume or use in anyway is plastic or comes in plastic packaging, it’s no secret that plastic plays a role in our everyday lives. 743 more words

Leaning In To Zero-Waste Living

The more that I learn about how a vast majority of people are living these days, the more I am drawn toward committing to a zero-waste lifestyle. 747 more words

A Zero-waste lifestyle is not wasteful

I read an article about Lauren Singer, blogger of Trashisfortossers, who started to live a Zero-Waste lifestyle meaning no trash! I was invigorated to try something like it and decided to cut waste and recycle more. 187 more words


Just Like Nature (nieuw)

What happend to the food industry? They are terrible food wasters and according to Douglas, owner of SILO, ‘the food we eat is so plastic, it’s actually worse than waste itself’. 197 more words