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Spring Cleaning and Re-evaluation

Haven’t blogged much since Posterous shut down. Used it to automate and populate a lot of my other blogs. (Yes, I know PostHaven is supposed to do similar stuff since the originators are the same two who headed up Posterous, but not sure about that platform yet. 48 more words


March 28th


I just bought my first surfboard!!!!
and I might be the new student brand manager of a surf trip company at my university!!!!!!! 8 more words


trust the universe 

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” ~ Jim Morrison… 151 more words


Being able to enjoy poverty. 貧にあって楽しむ

Wabi really means “poverty”. To be poor, that is, not to be dependent on things worldly— wealth, power, and reputation— and yet to feel inwardly the presence of something of the highest value, above time and social position: that is what essentially constitutes wabi.

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ふるえる言葉 resonating Words

Resisting Change

There is no point in resisting change, because life is in a constant state of fluctuation. The earth is perpetually spinning, the day turns into night, seasons die and give birth to new seasons. 78 more words


Micro-Cosmic Cuisine |Kitcho Kyoto|

Kyoto cuisine is very refined and its obvious with such a rich culture dating back 1,200 years. Kaiseki is easily characterized by its use of seasonal ingredients and the dedication to the nature and the spirit of zen Buddhism. 327 more words