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Photography - Cairns - Daintree and a few birds - including the psychedelic ostrich that is a cassawarie!

Cassawaries are getting very rare. They are too often the victims of cars and end up as large roadkill. We had given up hope of seeing one. 65 more words


Photography - Australia and some of our eight legged friends.

This one was in the toilet directly above my head and was at least ten inches across from leg to leg. Fortunately it retained its grip and did not fall. 48 more words


Photography - Australia - Cairns the wonder of rainforest trees and abstract art of bark.

I love the colour and abstract shapes in bark. Amazing. They are as good as any artist can imagine.


Photography - Fish from the Great Barrier Reef - the colours were awesome.

The fish were amazing/. The photos do not do them justice. I took them through the glass bottom of a boat. The colours are subdued and the images softened. 16 more words


Photography - Australia - Some of the incredible birds around Brisbane area.

Australia is a bird-lovers paradise. From black cockatoos to bee-eaters – a gorgeous array of colour and form.



Photography - The Great Barrier Reef - Green Island Australia - Exquisite colour.

The Great Barrier Reef is under threat. Global warming is creating a problem with warmer seas and carbon dioxide is creating acid waters. It is killing a lot of the world’s coral. 10 more words


Photography - Stradbroke Island near Brisbane Australia No. 2 - more beauty and incredible wild-life.

Stradbroke Island was incredible. Huge swells crashing on to rocky shores.

Wild birds

Fruit bats colonies. Bats feeding off the incredible nectar rich flowers Рmost plants were pollinated by birds and not insects. 58 more words