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Poetry - You - The mystical woman who holds the atoms and the dreams together so that I can live. A love poem.

This is a poem to the mystical woman whose love holds the universe together and gives it meaning. She is not real; no goddess to be worshipped. 227 more words


Poetry - Communication - a poem to the expansion of minds that takes place when we talk and listen to each other.

There is nothing better than a debate, discussion and argument between friends as we pierce the truth of all we know.

For only in the sharing, thinking through and weighing up can we hope to grow. 99 more words


Poetry - Incandescent Days - a poem for life on planet Earth.

This planet revolves around the sun. In man’s earliest days it was a thing of wonder, bringing light, heat and life. It had to be a God and was worshipped. 245 more words


Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World - lyrics about social inequality, homelessness, drug addiction and the damage to society and children.

Inequality is the basis behind most of the world’s problems. The division between the have’s and have-nots is immense. The judgement of a good civilised country is how it treats its underprivileged, needy and disabled. 498 more words


Anthropocene Apocalypse - Positive Action and news! The Dalai Lama, Pope, Barack Obama!

Fortunately it is not all doom and gloom.

I said in a previous post that the people who can make the difference are the politicians, billionaires and religious leaders. 284 more words


Anthropocene Apocalypse - Who is responsible for the environmental/climate devastation?

It is quite apparent that the whole world has undergone immense catastrophic change in the past forty years. The rate of deforestation, species extinction, wilderness despoiling, and pollution has reached a point where we are endangering all wild-life and altering the climate of the world. 1,169 more words


ISIS – What it is and what we need to do about it.



What is it?


ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – sometimes described as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). 1,165 more words