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Let’s go to … Glasgow

This month’s comedy festival in Glasgow is the biggest in Europe: here’s what to see, do, eat and drink when your aching sides can’t take any more laughs


Perfect critique, then ... pfft!

There is almost nothing that I could disagree with or add to in “Empty Gestures: Starchitecture’s Swan Song,” a critique by Peter Buchanan in the Architectural Review. 491 more words


Words without Sound

His tongue will never curve around my favorite words trellis, topiary, and triptych. It will never miss pronounce quesadilla or win an argument. His tongue was an anarchist who would never conform to the order of words—not even the words I love you. 468 more words

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Plus Shopping)

I can’t think of a better way to explore a city than to seek out it’s architectural mysteries.  Thankfully I have been watching a healthy dose of Law and Order, so I know a thing or two about solving a case. 431 more words


Guangzhou Opera House: Pearls of Guangzhou

Maybe you don’t know yet, I’m from Guangzhou, a modern city in south China. If you ask me to recommend a good place to visit in my hometown – there’s no doubt would be Zhujiang New Town, the new CBD of Guangzhou. 283 more words


Beijing reveals design for new international airport - it's going to be huge, and beautiful

It’s fairly safe to say that airports are not necessarily everyone’s favorite places to be. There’s often traffic to fight through just to get there, and once inside you have to deal with long lines, painfully slow security checks, and weary travelers who… 581 more words