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The Rise of Christian Capitalism

The Rise of Christian Capitalism

By Edward Coleson

 Nearly two centuries ago a caricature of humanity was born, a strange creature called the “economic man.” He was supposed to be utterly amoral and interested in only one thing—making money. 4,840 more words


Discrimination, Rights, and Equal Protection

The Inequality of “Equality”

By Ryan Bomberger

Words have meaning. Well, until we decide to strip that meaning from them by expanding their definition to suit our ideology. 734 more words


Biblical Faith and Economics

Biblical Faith and Economics

By Ian Hodge

In an earlier article,1 I argued that the modern nation-state with its emphasis on involuntary but permanent taxation, debt slavery, control of the courts, and encouragement of human sacrifice (abortion) was the establishment of a new god. 1,963 more words


The Restoration and Fulfillment of Justice

Justice: Restoration and Fulfillment

“The Direction of the Law”

By Rousas John Rushdoony

In order to understand biblical law, it is necessary to understand also certain basic characteristics of that law. 2,021 more words


Subverting Justice vs. The Blessing of 'Just Law'

Subverting Justice vs. the Blessing of ‘Just Law’

By R.J. Rushdoony

 An offense against justice is an offense against God whose law is subverted. A judge who accepts a bribe or tolerates perjury is as guilty as the offender. 1,818 more words


The American Progressives' Triumph of 1913

How 1936 Consolidated the Progressives’ Triumph in 1913

By Dr. Gary North

Originally Posted October 25, 2014 at www.garynorth.com

Politically conservative Americans and libertarians generally agree on the worst year of the 20th century: … 1,850 more words


The Room to Breathe and Self-Renewal

Liberalism, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and Equal Opportunity

By Keith Thompson

To say I grew up fascinated with politics and current events is an understatement. It was closer to fervor. 1,679 more words