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The Tortoise and the Hair

Top of the Morning to you and all that.

This is one of those occasions that I get to write on a 5th Monday!

I was going to write about building a series – but that’s a subject that isn’t going anywhere and will have as much impact when I write it.   474 more words

Slices Of Life

New and Improved Holiday Memories

Well, here we are – two days and wake up for the brand new year!

I’ve barely gotten used to typing 2014 – and just realized this is my last post for it :) 729 more words


Yvonne who?


Talk about a dry spell. And I’m not talking about the heat in East Texas :)


If you haven’t heard, I’ve been having major problems with my internet provider. 277 more words

Slices Of Life

My LATE post 2014 GCLS

If you want to know how much value a friend puts on your relationship – and how much they truly like you – do the following: … 565 more words

More Adventures in Vonnie Land...

My closest friends would most certainly tell you Vonnie-land is awesome, and they love to visit. Of course, I think it’s pretty cool as well – It’s the reason why it’s named in an amusement park style. 715 more words

Chasing The Muse

Tag…you’re it!

So, I’ve been hit by the process blog tour with a little more force than may have been necessary. Suzanne Egerton, Vic Oldham, and… 674 more words