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Ukrainian at the Ukraine Institute

While I was returning from the Museum of Natural History on the crosstown bus, I noticed that the Ukraine Institute was hosting an exhibit of contemporary Ukrainian artists, among whom was a painter called Sergei Belik. 176 more words

New York Day

Gagarin on Wintersong

February is Wintersong month on Transform Siberia. I am playing music to take your winter blues away.

Yuri Gagarin, first man in space. Most cities in Russia have a street named for him. 28 more words


Public Service Broadcasting

Space fiends and dance nerds unite!

February 24st, Public Service Broadcasting releases The Race For Space. Whether you’re nerdy enough to regularly check in with… 190 more words


First Chimp in Space, January 31, 1961

On January 31, 1961, a Mercury-Redstone rocket from Cape Canaveral carried a chimpanzee named Ham, aka Ham the Astrochimp, on a journey to become the first great ape in outer space. 234 more words



How do we know the difference between propaganda and truth? It is not always easy, not when lies can masquerade as the truth.

When I was a boy, the atheistic Soviet government put the first man into space. 667 more words


Equilibrio è libertà - Intervista a Luciano Civettini

Le ricerche surrealiste presentano, quanto al loro obiettivo, una notevole analogia con le ricerche alchimistiche: la pietra filosofale è in sostanza ciò che doveva permettere all’immaginazione dell’uomo di prendere una rivalsa sulle cose, dopo secoli di addomesticamento e di folle rassegnazione. 1,390 more words


A reusable rocket soon

Man has a long history of trying to figure out what was there above their head. The first human that travel to the outer space was Yuri Gagarin, in April 1961 Gagarin orbited the earth using Vostok spacecraft, it was a giant leap for human. 136 more words

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