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Challenge: Doritos Roulette

Hey guys!

My great friend Hakranium and I decided to take on the Dorito’s Roulette Challenge which consists of a pack of cheesy doritos with a few hidden extra spicy ones. 29 more words


Finally Destroying the Destroyer!

Hellooo again well I have finally completed Borderlands now this was the 1st time that I played this game and wow what a game it is I really enjoyed the whole aspect of getting bounties to complete in order to level up your character, the graphics of the game were also different and it wasn’t something I was used to but eventually playing the game for almost 3 days now I really did enjoy the whole aspect of the game, however it would have been better if you could customize the weapons on the vehicles you could drive, so let’s talk about the boss the was huge and grotesque even more worse than the Rack Hive. 140 more words


Mouse Reviews #24 | Big Hero 6, Into the Woods, and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

In which I review the films Big Hero 6 and Into the Woods, and the TV series Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.





Here is our new segment once again, it is #MOTDMONDAYS. We are in love with this segment, and from the looks of it everyone else is too! 211 more words


Borderland’s The Epic Fight against the Rack Hive!

This is continuing on from yesterday’s blog on Borderland, well I’ve come pretty far today in the game and I have just ended up killing the Rake Hive and I tell you this was one tough boss! 200 more words


New Video: COW HORSE

Delayed spotlight video on last week’s Wednesday Update! I’ve been away from home on vacation, and the WiFi there was…bad. It kept randomly shutting off while I was uploading the video (I tried 3 times to upload it); it was also taking 3 hours to upload a 9 minute video. 20 more words

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