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Life: Have you ever asked yourself...

What are you capable of and how is your life going to be different if you are capable of something? It’s a pity that you don’t know what you are capable of not because you don’t try to acquire the skills or the knowledge, but because you know but you do not want it badly enough or you do not try everything you can to acquire the skills. 253 more words



Isn’t it funny how alcohol can change you in such a way that you can get anything what you want and more. You can let go of sadness and change it to any sort of feeling you want to feel. 250 more words

Competition with Yourself

What drives you? The urge to prove yourself? The urge to accumulate money, more power? Or something different? Take an honest look inside of yourself why you are doing all the things you are doing and the reason behind it. 421 more words


Be yourself!

You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are! :) Appreciate and love yourself… <3


Some Self-Thoughts


  • …you feel energetic in social situations, but being alone frustrates you?
  • …you feel restless if you do not have a clear goal in sight?
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Self Thoughts


When you hide behind the mask, you hide your true identity. The one you were born with, the one that made other people smile. So why do we cover it up? 168 more words

Why I gave up on understanding why

I’m surprised at how well I slept last night because the boy was up vomiting every few hours. Fun I know. Last week it was the girl but she had diarrhea.   382 more words

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