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Who is in charge in our body?

During the first few weeks of embryonic development the genes are primarily controlling the unfolding of the body plan of a human (e.g., creating two arms, two legs, ten fingers and ten toes, etc.). 215 more words

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Daddy once said to me that broken glass along beach shores are pieces that had fallen off the great big moon 

I looked up at the moon and I told her every night since then,  24 more words

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Who are we?

Hi guys

You wanted to know more about us, so here you go.

On this site we will be posting weekly deals that we will be making available to our viewers there in the UK. 115 more words

Charles Worthington Hair Care


Spoiler alert: Very Long Post. You might want to wait until you have time to have some tea, or a glass of wine.

I’m at a crossroads. 6,741 more words

Yours Truly

Am I Here

So this is coming from a person who has absolutely no career or long term goals. But what am I supposed to do really when I really don’t want to be anything and I don’t want to do anything significant. 323 more words


Let's Get Started! Don't be shy!

I have made an ask for anons to submit their problems that they want to share or might want advice on.


I will post a batch of submissions per post and personally make comments to the anons, and commenters may also do the same down below. 147 more words


And the next phase is: feedback

So, I’m finished even sooner than I thought.

Today, I went and bought ink and paper, and for the first time printed off the whole story, turning the novel from an idea into something physical, tangible, and real-feeling. 298 more words