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Why are you so old????? XD

This is not the kind of question I have in mind. -_-

You butt! =P

Mother. Oil painting

A painting of our mum, Svetlana. My sister did it. Impressive


"The importance of green"

Imagined world is the favourite theme for Anastasia. She loves painting things from her mind, no matter their existence. A lonely peacock sitting on the grass of a remote dream-forest, where there is only summer, is one of her early oil works (14 years old).


"What's on your mind?"

My sister can spend a lot of time on one painting and to have some rest, she sketches. Sometimes, I like those sketches more


A duck in watercolour and pastel

Let me start this blog with my favourite watercolour by my sister. She painted it when she was 16, one year ago