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Young Professionals Movement International (YPMi)


  • To train and develop students and young professionals to become financially independent.
  • To empower young people.
  • Encourage students and young professionals to look for another dimensions towards financial literacy.
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Duckworth: The young Pharoah

Justin basically shifted their horses over to us,” said Jacob West, the buyer account manager at Taylor Made, which is located just outside of Lexington in neighboring Nicholasville. 447 more words

I'm Done (Part 2)

You my dear are like second hand smoke.
You choke me yet I do not smoke you.

And after visiting Aphrodite, you come to me smiling and full of surprises. 485 more words

Day 10: Family

Today’s topic I’ve been thinking about recently. It’s graduation season, and everyone is having their family in town to celebrate graduation from high school, junior high, and even preschool. 547 more words

As a young girl

My mind was in a warped functionality all my life, but it grew depth as I got older. It’s funny… how much your childhood shapes you to be the person you are. 460 more words


JASON RILEY: Young, Poor and Needing a Job, Not a Raise

Wall Street Journal — Now Los Angeles is following the well-worn trail of increasing the minimum wage and decreasing opportunities for the intended beneficiaries.

When the Brookings Institution published a study last year on the job prospects of teens and young adults in the nation’s largest metro areas, Los Angeles placed an abysmal 98th out of 100. 73 more words