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monday pep talk // meeting Him on the mat

hi sweet friends :)

I have something very special and beautiful to speak with you about today!
if you’re like me and have made a holy commitment to following Jesus, you’re gonna be pretty psyched about today’s post :) 835 more words


When Life Seems to Fall Apart...

About 2-4 years ago I had a massive transit happen that shifted everything in my life, in myself and caused me to reevaluate every to be true. 787 more words


June Yoga Challenge Week Five

Happy Monday, beautiful ones!

Today I bring you our fifth and final week of this little yoga series and I’m honestly kind of glad- because for me, it didn’t go exactly how I had hoped, but it was definitely worth a try and I have lots of plans for more yoga series in the future. 321 more words


"Sadhana Marga" by Halle Yoga


I have been VERY fortunate in my young life to know some extraordinary individuals. One in particular never fails to amaze me. Her spirit is one of the greatest I have encountered. 233 more words

The Happy Depressive

A Yogi in the Making

Everyday I do my yoga practice I can feel myself getting stronger. The basic moves are getting easier and my body is getting more limber. 255 more words


Motivational Monday

I struggled staying positive last week and I can already feel myself slipping into a “blahhh” feeling Monday. We can go into everyday with the best of intentions and tell ourselves to have positive thoughts but sometimes your emotions take control more than your conscious thoughts. 146 more words

My Musings

Partner Yoga workshop photoshoot 

A few weeks ago I got asked if I was free to help as a demonstration flyer at a partner yoga workshop in August. Today we met up for the first time since then to work out what we are going to do and check that we could do it. 117 more words