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  • 1.5 hrs stationary bike
  • 42 min bbg week 12 legs. did this with the boyfriend :)


  • breakfast: handful of grapes, was still really full from too much chocolate yesterday and binge the day before…
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Workout + Food Logs

Chicken Yoghurt Gravy

Living a bachelor’s life despite being married with a kid is the most painful part of my life. Yes, I had a kid few months back and I am working here at Dubai for a few months while my family is there at Kolkata. 169 more words


Go COYO Yaself [dedicated to Zayn xo]

 So, we received some truly terrible news yesterday, didn’t we kids?

Zayn – poor, sweet, mysterious Zayn – has made the heart-wrenching decision to leave 1D. 229 more words



I want to tell you
(Late last night I had yoghurt)
My little secret

Gib fics plox… 3. March 2015

 Fried eggs, some radishes

 Peach-passion fruit yoghurt

 Tomato mixed grains (pearl barley, millet, quinoa) dip with chickpeas, sour cream and nachos. Idea for the dish: here.


Healthy Homemade Granola

I felt like mixing it up a bit on the breakfast front. I’ve been relentlessly drinking smoothies and poaching eggs and felt like something totally different. 299 more words


orange + ricotta spelt pancakes

I have a thing for breakfast. Surely, by now, its evident yeah? I often go to bed with the thought of the impending morning’s breakfast. From a nutritional point of view, it’s crucial. 443 more words