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Ten Reasons to go on yoga retreat this summer

#5 Inspire your practice. Our practice is important. Give yourself a promise to make it a priority.

At times we find ourselves on plateaus within our practice. 62 more words

Cracking Open Your Heart

Over time I’ve noticed how my heart often wants to withdraw behind a thick shell.

When expectations are dashed or hopes crushed, or when I suffer a bruise from a relationship or a deeper hurt, my heart seeks safety behind a shell that only gets thicker with each perceived injury. 625 more words


The Stuff of Yoga: 5 Essentials for the Beginner

A yoga instructor reveals what you really need to get into good form.

So you’ve heard yoga will stretch you out, calm you down, and tone your body, but you’re not sure what you need to start your… 1,364 more words

Weight Management

Ten Reasons to go on yoga retreat this summer

#6 A Healthy Holiday.

Not only will you be served delicious but healthy vegetarian fare but you will know that you are taking care of yourself while being taken care of. 49 more words

How Do We Know How to Teach?

There are yoga teachers who prepare for each moment of each class with intention and crystalline clarity. These are the teachers who write a script and a set list of poses. 425 more words


Yoga@Home: Yoga & Life with Becca

Next in my Yoga@Home series is fellow Canadian, Yoga & Life with Becca!

Though Becca isn’t as consistent at uploading as some other Yoga YouTubers, her flows are designed in a way that are completely unique and incomparable to other instructors. 219 more words


Ten Reasons to go on yoga retreat this summer

#7 Meditation is soooo much easier when you are away from the pressures of your day to day.

We all have experienced those moments that we start to really find a connection to our meditation object, breath, mantra, etc and…an ambulance roars by, your kid screams for you, your dog tries to push you over to play with him, you keep thinking of all the things on your to do list for the day, and on and on it goes. 54 more words