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Are you keeping up appearances?

I don’t know about you but as this year keeps progressing and as I reflect on the past fews a truth becomes greatly apparent. Sometimes the people we love are no longer in the same vibrational loving field as you. 165 more words

Yoga Journey

Interview with Erin Cookston

The first time I took Erin’s class I thought I was going to die.

No music and long held planks combined with simple, almost spartan sequencing  made me miss the virtually alignment-free, fast flowing power yoga classes in  Miami Beach. 1,342 more words



Recently I realized that I needed to make some changes in my life. One of those changes was taking time for myself, in order to de-stress, ease anxiety and my depression. 311 more words


What goes up must come down.

Only a fool assumes that cleverly running away from his sins won’t effect his future happiness. Run, keep running says the Universe knowingly that God will make him face his demons eventually. 88 more words

Yoga Journey

If you hate something, let it go.

a continuation on my yoga post…

[¡trigger warning!]

At the end of the last post I did a mini timeline on how things went down and I wanted to sort of reiterate that to give you guys a better idea of how my yoga journey went down. 557 more words


Planning, preparation and borderline panic

Reflections on my last week in the UK…

One of the reasons I started yoga was for the feeling of calm it left me with. And since I began practising every day, I have been noticeably more relaxed. 338 more words


My 4 week roller coaster.

This is my yoga journey. Written and directed by yours truly.

I decided I wanted to embark upon a new journey. One that would bring me peace while engaging my stiff limbs. 1,946 more words