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Hard Working Musicians and Some Not So Hard Working Musicians

When I sit down to write a song, I write a song. That means, I have a vocal melody, chords and a certain feel behind it. 755 more words


Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Master Of Stratocaster

Și dacă ești chitarist- e greu să urmărești degetele suedezului pe grif, iar dacă ești neinițiat, te bucuri ca papleacă când face o pauză, flutură degetele prin aer sau își duce palma la ureche și se uită în public așteptând să audă aplauze. 709 more words


Yngwie Malmsteen & Trooper (Sala Palatului, Bucureşti)

Cum ai putea refuza ocazia întâlnirii cu un zeu al chitarei electrice, mai ales când acesta – Yngwie Malmsteen – este singurul pe care nu l-ai văzut din primul format „G3” (compus la începutul anilor 2000 alături de Satriani şi Vai)? 931 more words


Triumph and Yngwie Malmsteen-Twice the boredom

What’s worse than seeing Triumph? That’s right, seeing them with Yngwie Malmsteen as the opener. In 1986 while supporting The sport of Kings album Triumph had Malmsteen opening and he would have been wrapping up supporting promoting his late 1985 release Marching out. 64 more words

Black coffee & G3. What a way to spend a morning

Today I decided to wake the house up with this:

It just had to be done. Twice, actually (well, OK maybe 3 times). It’s not so sunny today so not feeling wildly motivated to get up and leap about the place so I thought a bit of musical assistance was called for. 375 more words

Norwich Guitar Academy

Yngwie J. Malmsteen The King of Shred returns – June 2015

Yngwie Malmsteen has been inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame in honour of his decades-long contribution music. Yngwie has had a busy couple of months – as well as the release of the brand new 2CD+DVD album Live In Tampa, Yngwie has played sold out shows in Tokyo, Japan and Bucharest and is joining an amazing line up including Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss for the Monsters Of Rock Festival in Brazil. 169 more words

Alcatrazz live with Yngwie Malmsteen

Some people don´t like Graham Bonnet but i really like the records that he has done with Rainbow and M.S.G. Here is a concert with his own band Alcatrazz and check out a young Yngwie Malmsteen on guitar.