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Female and male created she them.

I am considering the differences between pantheism and panentheism. The first is forbidden to Christians and of course to Catholics, the second one apparently is not. 1,838 more words

Dealings With The Devil

Since childhood, I have believed that there is only one true Devil that all must face up to: Themselves.

I also believe that we must deal with our dark sides every single day, whenever we must make a choice or execute a thought.The hesitation before doing something, giving way to giving up, the persistent negativity about our position in the Present is all the doing of the devil. 454 more words


Yin Yang

They were poles apart.

She was rigid and disciplined. Always by the book.

He was free and wild. Always ready to fly.

He loosened her up when she was wrapped up too tight. 33 more words


It's Sunday! Take a break!

But if you’re keen on learning TCM, let’s take a few minutes to recap what you’ve learnt / understood so far.

Here’s some revision questions for you! 64 more words

TCM Basics

Question Mark

Life’s a question mark

Will you live in light or dark?

Some times, a comma

As a student of The I Ching, I understand how light changes into dark and then back again. 46 more words


Yin & Yang (continued)


Let’s take a look at how Yin & Yang is applied in TCM.

1) Classification based on body composition

Firstly, the body can be classified into Yin and Yang: 783 more words

TCM Basics

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang – the 2 abstract elements from Chinese Philosophy that is part of understanding the concepts and treatment principles behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 523 more words