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Meditation cat says...

…sometimes it’s best to let Twitchy steal a bite of your sandwich.

She will pay you back with cuddles and purrs or she will bite your nose and blow fish breath in your face. 150 more words


Beauty and The Beast

There is balance everywhere in nature. The good for bad, the dark for light, the happy for sad, the ugly for beauty, the fire for water. 176 more words


A new mat, Yin/Yang and Firemen... oh my...

In my new town I had found a lovely little studio close to home.  It was a quick favourite as soon as I arrived for my very 1st class there. 521 more words

To the moon and back

Moon Gate

The idea of a pen pal caused a thrill for me as a young writer and introverted bookworm. Once upon a time there was a powerful allure in a connection to someone you might never see in person who lived in a far off place and looked at life completely differently. 825 more words


Yin/Yang - Wicca subject of the week

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to get early on the Wicca subject of the week. I’ve probably talked about Yin/Yang before, but I think it deserves talking about again. 239 more words

Wicca Subjects

Good Karma 🐦

This morning began unusually…

8 am- I was woken by a bird pooping on my arm in an odd dream, I dosed for a while whilst listening to the news.  604 more words


“people who smile or laugh a lot are people who are hiding pain and/or sadness”

Do you ever think that some people who are too negative or always open about the pain or sadness they feel are actually happier?

24 more words