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My husband joined this site yesterday, saying he wants to support me. Today he left me. I really don t want him to be able to see any of my posts. 25 more words

Day 45: Today

I was in a bus today
The bus almost hit another bus today
I’ve got to say
I’m so grateful but I’m not sure if that’s enough to say… 245 more words

60 Day Writing Challenge

Story Time

June, 2015
No exit
Simmering with yesterday

Gold miners
Huddled over open fires
Illicit liquor
Aroma of cooking

This road leads to books… 15 more words


Baja Blast

I had a Mountain Dew Baja Blast today.

Not something I normally drink but I could not resist when I saw it on the Taco Bell drive-thru menu board. 550 more words


I Just Wanted To Share.

I found this video on FB yesterday and had to listen to it. It has touched my heart as a Veteran so much I just want to share it in memory of the fallen Warriors that war s and conflicts have ripped from their families, I doubt there is a single family who has not lost a loved one to combat. 15 more words



I was so happy yesterday, from the minute I woke up. No day is happy all the way through, start to finish but yesterday I felt more carefree than I have in a long while. 123 more words